Based on our discussion with the jury we realized that our project encompassed more than we initially assumed. We began our investigation into the blurry boundary between fact and fiction that we encounter online. Some of the images we created were factual while some were immersed in fiction. The “mockumentary” that we created used the same foundation of fact to imagine a story. Our aim was not to criticize or limit how instagram may be used, or to define a proper way on how a building should be looked at. Instead our aim was simply to create an awareness on how much of our online content is manipulated. While much of this manipulation may be used negatively, it gives us an opportunity to explore content that we care about and enjoy. It also makes it possible to delve deeper into the history and character of spaces and, in a way, “slow-gram” what we know and bring it to a wider audience. The onus is on the viewer to be critical of what they are being shown, but we are finding new methods of inspiration that we should use to their full potential.