Mejiro / Time in the Station

Today, working styles are becoming more diverse. If instead of a monotonous daily schedule, people are able to work remotely and on their own pace in many places, then the purpose of coming to station will increase in its own diversity. Mejiro station is the first station where the building was built above the platform in Japan. It has a strong character that can be seen in the elements of its gable roof and pointed arch windows. If we are planning a station as a third place, a place people stay, away from home and work, what would it look like? The existing interior continues towards the station square, in the other hand towards the ho- tel side it is blocked by a toilet and a shop. The design purposes to relocate these as well as to remove the wall on the hotel side, create an entrance in the corner of the station building, place an expanded catwalk on the window side of the second floor, and to make the interior space open in multiple directions. In this space, workspaces support work style diversity by providing share offices as well as workshops to repair goods used in daily life. From com- puters to bags, clothes and small furniture, people can interact directly with the craftsmen and exchange information about repairing goods, or work on it by themselves. Each space is brought to the open side of the edge of the station building, spread from small to big furniture with the central space left open.People that need a direct access to Hotel, people with their laptops working on their own pace, people who repairing their bags, or people who simply want to enjoy a cup of coffee, the intervention allows different rhythm of time spent alongside each other to create an extraordinary station.