Ginza Rocks

The assignment is to design a “Palazzo” for Tokyo in Ginza. The site is located an intersection of Chuo Dori and a typically narrow Old Ginza backstreet.
Our Ginza Palazzo is a building that reinforces the urban qualities of Ginza. It tries to bring more public space and innovation in this very commercial and increasingly homogenous area.
The idea of our Palazzo is to bring a space that can evolve and host different types of program. The use of the Plan Libre permits to create large open spaces. Those ones are divided to create shops, organize to create offices and opened to create a residential community at the four top floors of the Palazzo. We wanted to create a great relations between the different levels and program and make them communicate.
Then, the rooftop made by a large cornice is accessible to the public and offers a special program in order to contemplate Ginza in a very special atmosphere.