Through the Instagram, people are able to visit the building that they have never been to, and architecture are showing their potential background information hided behind through the internet. But the characteristic of fragmentation owned by the internet make it difficult for people to constitute the whole story of the architecture through the fragmental information. From this point of view, architecture seems to be simplified by the internet. How to restore the complete architectural story, and even show the tight logic of the relationship network behind the architecture, this question became the beginning of our team research.Therefore, as a highly prestige and successful tourist industry in the past few years, the sky tree has become an excellent object of research. In the face of non hierarchical network information of Sky tree, we hope that through researching and organizing the information in two axis of time and information subject, we can restore the whole story of the gradual development, and at the same time explore the relationship between different subjects in the same period. In this way, no logical information are connected with each other through these two clues, and therefore form a whole relationship.Under such research methods, we try to restore the story of the sky tree into three periods, before construction, under construction, and after construction. Before construction, the Sumidaku was facing the problem of aging and low average income. The government wanted to improve the situation and promote regional development through the construction of Sky tree. And during construction, Sumidaku government and the Tobu company invested a lot of money and manpower to promote and propagate the project. On one hand, successfully attracted a large amount of investment, and on the other hand, also reduced the residents’ worry and opposition to the project, so as to let the project go smoothly. And after the complement of Sky tree main and supporting facilities, because of the successful publicity, Sky tree, as the emerging tourism attractions in Tokyo, achieved great success in the tourism industry, brought considerable economic benefits to its builders and owners of the Tobu company, while the whole drive the economic development of tourism and Sumidaku government tax increase. But at the same time, residents have found things not as perfect as it propagated, traffic congestion, noise, local business recession, rising prices and a series of negative effects began to appear. And these new challenge stand in front of residents, government and company, the sky tree story is still to be continued.