The main element of this piece of work in this exhibition is the video itself projected to the wall and played in loop. The video, approximately 3 minutes in total, is the combination of 2 parts. The First part “collective memory of Shibuya“ is a motion collage configured by pictures from Instagram with #shibuya hashtag, both as a “hacking“ of content, as well as our “Slowgramming“ process to illustrate the big picture of Shibuya based on people‘s collective memory. It was played as an Intermezzo between the repetition of the structural video. The other part is ‚X Shibuya‘ a structuralist video about temporality of things happening around Shibuya crossing in various overlapping time cycles; century, year, day, and hour. Each cycle is represented one single instance during the 90 Seconds video, then overlaid to showcase the different patterns within one video. To display the idea behind this video we provided takeaway postcards, each composed of a front page with a poster like outtake of our video and the timelines of each circle on the backside, providing graphic explanation about the relationship between each cycle and the video‘s length.