Liner Community

The Ebisu site for some historical reasons became the current slender shape. Our group first look into such sites in Tokyo to find the community of the slender type of site in Tokyo.
Then we find that Ebisu is dominated by young generation, however, the area is one of the highest land price in Tokyo. So there’s a contradiction that Ebisu is mainly for young generation who cannot afford to live there.
Our design goal is to make an affordable residence office complex for young generation in the specific area of Ebisu. The design makes vertical common space from ground level (gallery) to the top (roof garden), connection and organizing all rooms in every level. The common space contents kitchens, refreshing rooms, meeting rooms, and activity rooms etc. The common space goes up in a spiral way so that people can get a whole view of both the road and the river. Rooms are situated at south facing the river and courtyard enclosed by surrounding buildings, at the same time, offices are facing north and connected to the corridor