Tokyo went through a drastic transformation in urban, social, and environmental structures alongside World War II, the bubble economy, pollution, and natural disasters. The Tokyo ghosts project discusses the milestones of the construction, destruction and replacement within Tokyo city. The project helps us to understand more about Tokyo as a city structure. The talk brings about nostalgia, stories, and shared memories from different readers. This paves the way to work more on Tokyo Ghosts from a “collective” point of view. Since we feel the topic is quite big, we’ve therefore decided to call this phase STAGE I. We are looking to the near future to have more participants to take part in this project. In the mean time, we are going to support this research with evidence from history together with architectural events. We are aiming to feed this data over the social medial platforms, mainly Instagram. By doing so, we aim to create a depth to Instagram as a medium which truly has the power to show newfound conceptions of time and space.