Ryoku-Do Tower

The qualities of the site is the view on passing trains with close access to the station, also it is between the old little house and the backside of a big shopping mall.
The project explores the concept of an ur- ban capsule hotel, where the rooms are only for sleeping and relaxing, while the main ac- tivites happens outside of the capsule – in the common spaces like terraces as well as in the corridors and of course the lively area of Jiyu- gaoka. The room unit explores the idea of the “capsule thrown to the city”.

Rice Cooker

Rice cooking is an essential part of Japan’s kitchen culture. More than other devices, the rice cooker illustrates its own transformation through technology. In the traditional Japanese household, cooking took place in the kamado, a kitchen space at the entrance with a fixed stove fueled by charcoal. By contrast, today’s rice cooker condenses the functions of energy provision, heating, cooking, and smoke extraction in one single technical device, transforming rice cooking into a more rapid, convenient, clean, and less space-demanding activity. The modern rice cooker is small, lightweight, portable, and easily replaceable, yet as opposed to the kamado it is also deterministic and monofunctional, challenging our understanding of what kitchen culture might be.