Soho Palazzo

The Palazzo in Ebisu is located in a vivid area of the city, with a walking distance from Shibuya and a numerous schools and shopping streets nearby. The conceptual idea and aim for this building is to be the heart of this area where people of different ages, ideas and profession can meet and integrate with each other and the city.
Walking from Shibuya you meet the northern short end facade of glass and bricks from where you can choose to go along the green river side or the urban street side. From Meiji Dori Street you can enter the building through two main entrances that leads through the whole building and connects the riverside with the street. This circulation through the building is also the place where people and function meets and integrate.
The main function of this building is the SOHO, small office/home office, which provide a living and working space for self employed or small companies. The idea to put many small but luxurious SOHO’s is not only to finance the building but to create a platform for young entrepreneurs to develop relationships and share ideas that could benefit the city.