I researched the Prohibition billboard and Behavior around Marui The prohibitions on activities in the park have been increasing every year, and more and more things cannot be done. There are patrols, with red sticks, restricting entry and fencing off the area. However, people find a comfortable place to sit and talk outside the fence or the boundary between the park and the street, and they do so only on the street without in the park. However, there is no exchange of opinions between local governments involving the patrol and the citizens. Thire is no exchange of opinions between
they look in different direction facing to without accepting them, and various activities have the billboard. Citizens have obeyed the government’s regulations without accepting them,and various activities have been restricted in the park. I think this is the lack of dialogue between the government and citizens. In order people to behave freely in the been restricted in the park.I think this is the lack of dialogue between the government and citizens.


In order for people to behave freely in the park and street. We need to talk about the restrictions on activ- ities that are restricted in the park and on the street. On the meeting Citizens who have been restricted may agree with this, while those who feel it is annoying may oppose it. Then, the citizens and the government will realize that they have not been talking to each other.

I would like to create a space where behavior and ac- tion, and action and dialogue, can come closer together.


1st In order to know each other’s situations well, they can have psychodrama therapy. At the drama they change their own positions. Someone acts as a char- acter who opposes free activities and the other agrees with it. Acting out the opposite person’s position may give you a chance to think about their thought.

2nd they discuss the new rules making. They talk about how they can spend time comfortably.

3rd actually they try to make billboards with talking and talking. This is also the first step to get involved in pol- itics. Talking about the problem with them, they can think of their city.

So we arranged each place in a flow that circled the plan until we created the rules and put them together on a billboard. Here is the first point of contact for people who have something to complain about or an opinion to express, and here is the project base area that serves as a base from which both sides would gather. Next to it is a psychodrama theater on a lower level, where we can deepen the discussion and find a way out. This theater is also expected to be used specifically for discussion, like a courtroom.

And here is a place to design billboards, where design- ers join in to explore ways to spread rules that are not limited to signs. This is where the billboards are actual- ly produced, and this project includes not only making billboards but their actual installation. The space in the middle is a gallery for past billboard achievements and reviews of ongoing projects.

The aim of this project is to maximize a healthy social life for all people by involving the person concerned, from making the rules to publicizing the project.
This is Billboard Agora.