Pilgrims Hostel

The design proposal is on the site next to the shrine – connected on the same level, and with plenty of vegetation. We search about the activities of pilgrims, and offer a timeline of activities: the basic ones (sleeping, bath- ing), and some that connect with the spiritual experience (dining, workshops, tea ceremony, meditation/worship). The process started with dispersing the activities on the site to create the design, and connect them in two areas public and private, linked with the semi-public outdoor space.
The sequences were part of the pilgrimage narrative – spiritual journey within the site. From arriving, along the long ramp corridor, to come to the point which is opposite of the public entrance to the temple. And climbing few steps, to reach a garden semi-private, disconnected from the street with the terrace from the hostel. The garden offers three paths – meditation room under ground, with a sky opening that views the shrine. Continuing to the terrace and the reception of the hostel, or continuing to the shrine. After the reception, few steps are climbed to provide accommo- dating space on the same level as the shrine.